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Tidbits are small projects that we work on in our spare time and release to the general public for their enjoyment. Now of course, it still has to maintain our standards of quality and usefulness - but beyond that, anything is game! Check back here often for new Tidbit releases, or simply watch the pages of OEDM, where new releases will be announced.

Remember: ANYONE can submit a Tidbit. Just make sure that it is free to download and use - no advertisements, crippled versions, etc.

Tidbit Name Game System
Graph Paper
Graph Paper Any
Graph Paper BIG Any
Hex Graph Paper Any
Hex Graph Paper BIG Any
Character Cut-Outs
Centaurs And Elves Hex Any
Giants Hex Any
Goblins Hex Any
Large Dragons Hex Any
Zombie And Gargoyles Hex Any
GM Tools
DM Data Sheet D&D 3.5
NPC Data Sheet D&D 3.5
Dice Sheet Any
Potion Generator D&D 3.5
Currency Converter D&D 3.5
AutoRealm 2.2.1Any
RPG City GeneratorAny
Battle MapAny
Player Tools
Concise Player Inventory Any
Total Player Inventory Any
Priest XP Tracker D&D 3.5
Thief XP Tracker D&D 3.5
PC Generator 5.16.3Any
PC PortraitsAny
Reference Sheets
Campaign Reference Sheet D&D 3.5
DM Reference Sheet D&D 3.5
Magic Reference Sheet D&D 3.5
Player Reference Sheet D&D 3.5
Spell Related
All Spells Record Sheet D&D 3.5
Bard Spells Record Sheet D&D 3.5
Cleric Spells Record Sheet D&D 3.5
Druid Spells Record Sheet D&D 3.5
Paladin Spells Record Sheet D&D 3.5
Ranger Spells Record Sheet D&D 3.5
Spell Sheet Record Sheet D&D 3.5
Wizard and Sorcerer Spells Record Sheet D&D 3.5
Wizard Spell Book Generator D&D 3.5
Book of Unlawful Carnal KnowledgeD&D 3.5
Guide to Herbs for RPGsAD&D
Netbook of PoisonsAD&D
Netbook of RiddlesAny
Tarot Spread Using Modern Day Playing Cards -
D&D Speculative Handbook of 5E-
Dice Roller 2.0Any

Technical Details

Submitting a Tidbit is easy. Simply send it to us as an attachment in an email with the subject line reading TIDBIT SUBMISSION - (name of tidbit) . That's it. We'll get back to you within days to let you know if your Tidbit made it! Kind of like American Idol...but useful... ;-)

"Technology was developed to prevent exhausting labor. It is now dedicated to trivial conveniences."
- B.F. Skinner